A fun and fabulous professional tour guide will take you galavanting around the city filling your noggins with the Capital City's history, stories, and local secrets.

Texas Capital Quest

Take a tour through the history of Austin.

We’ve designed a fun and rewarding scavenger hunt designed to help you discover the culture and history that Austin has to offer.

Our game acts as a fun day out for your family and friends, or a unique to team-building exercise for your company. Work together to solve riddles and puzzles that will help you work together and appreciate the history of Austin. We use augmented reality on GPS software and Segways we provide for you, so just bring your friends and be prepared to have fun!

State Capital of Texas Scavenger Hunt

Texas Capital Quest

When you want to ENJOY Austin Texas there are places that you must see, the State Capital and the Driskill Hotel. This historical based sightseeing journey will is a rewarding experience.

There are not any augmented reality games in this experience; it is a questions/answer scavenger hunt challenge for you!

Come play our Austin based team - building game with your friends, families and work groups all at once if you wish.

We provide the IPads to play the game. You will use an action pack to solve difficult riddles and puzzles departing the Visitor Center on your way to the State Capital of Texas. We keep teams to six but launch up to 20 groups at one time where scores are calculated for those who like competition.

The GPS locations have been programed into the game that will be shown as crystals. This game software will challenge your mind.

Austin AR Scavenger Hunts offers a wide variety of games similar to the escape games. It’s not a surprise that GPS software games and room escape games are taking off with popularity.

Start this SIGHTSEEING GPS tour and complete the mission before it is too late. You will have 120 minutes to explore and answer questions about the real history of Austin.

Have ever played The Escape Game or a room escape game where groups of people work together for one cause? If so, you know how this is played. If you have not played a corporate team game, just imagine getting some of your friends together for the coolest tour you can imagine. Sound fun? Let’s play.

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