A fun and fabulous professional tour guide will take you galavanting around the city filling your noggins with the Capital City's history, stories, and local secrets.

Rainey Street Walk

Locate clues, solve puzzles, and explore the world around you on the famous Rainey Street. Work together with you friends, family, and co-workers to solve puzzles and complete challenges which allow to learn about and explore Rainey Street and all it has to offer. Book today!

Rainey Street Scavenger Hunt Game

Rainey Street Walk


Renovated houses turned into bungalow bars reign supreme on this increasingly popular tucked-away street. Day or night, you’ll find relaxed bar-goers strolling from bar to food trailer to bar again, often with their dogs in tow looking for a kicked back sip and a bite. The place Stevie Ray Vaughn, an American musician, singer, songwriter and record producer thrived in the early 1980’s.

The Rainey Street Walk

This software game is designed to let you get up and personal with the businesses on the street of course while playing a challenging scavenger hunt game. Markers have been strategically placed in unique spaces on your route. REMEMBER there is a timer in the GAME so can’t stay too long in any one place.

Austin AR Scavenger Hunt Games

Austin AR offers a wide variety of technology games similar to the escape games but more specifically puzzle solving games. It’s not a surprise that GPS software games are as popular as the Escape Game Austin and other room-escape lockout games. Players enter secret and mysterious worlds; what are you waiting for?

Start this fun Rainey Street Walk adventure to see if your TEAM can complete the mission to save the world! Reserve this experience to play these amazing but challenging GPS puzzle games. These puzzle games are not only fun to play, but playing also has positive effects on cognitive functions. It may improve your math skills; your memory and logic while enjoying the process of finding hidden places around town before time runs out. Sound fun? Let’s play.

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