A fun and fabulous professional tour guide will take you galavanting around the city filling your noggins with the Capital City's history, stories, and local secrets.

Fun Corporate Team Building

Gliding Revolution has been offering Austin, Texas Team Building Activities for over 10 years. FUN Corporate Events and Large Group Outings are our specialty. We use advanced technology to provide the best experiences for our clients.

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Strong relationships between employers and employees can help achieve corporate goals. As the demand to work in harmony with diverse personalities in corporate setting grows, business owners or human resources managers have to act fast to foster communication and sharpen collaboration among teams.

In larger corporations, employees cannot achieve the best results unless they are integrated into a supportive team and work environment.

To ensure a committed and contented workforce, you must adopt programs that include corporate team building. A good team building plan enhances communication between co-workers, bolsters morality and management skills, and improves understanding of work environment.

But the question lies in where, when or who will conduct the corporate team building? It can be done in-house or facilitated by professionals. At Austin AR, we make motivating teams fun.

We help develop stronger teams by improving their problem-solving abilities and letting them adapt to continual changes through our AR games and fun-filled adventure activities.

If you wish to know more about our corporate team building services, call us at (512) 495-9250. We produce wondrous results, transforming the way your team acts and thinks.


Typical activities offered by corporate team building trainers and coaches include athletic sports activities to emphasize team identity and improve team functioning. Some activities also include fly-fishing, interactive games and seminars, puzzle games, and even snowboarding. But our company’s approach is different. We enable teams to experience unique activities such as digital gameplays with GPS crystals and Augmented Reality. Our Segway historical tours are a great way to bond with the team in a new way.


Our company offers well-planned games and activities for your teams. Come and enjoy our AR games as you hunt for treasure, find hidden clues, solve puzzles, and locate Fantasy Games in Augmented Reality, live-escape gameplay. These games reinforce cooperation fused with fun as team members work with one another to help achieve goals rather than working on their own.

In addition, Austin AR’s GPS Augmented Reality adventures enable your team to explore and learn more about Austin and its landmarks. Not only will your team get the needed fresh air and exercise, it will also revitalize their work resolve and teamwork. A great way to forge new friendships and create team empowerment is with a corporate team builder that is new to everyone.

Our corporate team building activities are also beneficial to the personal lives of employees as they harness the ability to think, tackle barriers, and adjust to their surroundings. These team exercises enhance communication skills and concentration, minimize work-related stress, and boost self-confidence that gives team members a greater sense of well-being.


Getting professional facilitators to handle your corporate team building activity is your best option. They have complete resources and well-planned activities that help the participants improve their leadership, interpersonal, performance and negotiation skills to achieve goals. Motivating teams may take an extraordinary amount of work, but professional facilitators can guarantee organized, enjoyable, and unforgettable experiences, whatever the company size is.

Our professional team building events are great entertainment providers, just like pleasure trips or family vacations.

So, if you are noticing lackluster work involvement and reduced productivity among your employees, it is time to consider our corporate team-building program. Let us provide realistic experiences that will empower your employees to contribute to common goals. You will also enjoy our affordable team-building package starting at $25 per person. Call us now.

Let’s have some fun in Austin!

We are a local Austin tour company that provides unique team building experiences for locals, visitors and corporate clients looking to explore major landmarks and hidden gems.

We provide a wide variety of Austin tours for people of all ages and interests. We have designed exciting scavenger hunt routes or you may request that we design a game to accommodate your interests.

If you’re tired of the expensive programs and or boring events, you’ve come to the right place. Austin AR is in the business of FUN, and we pride ourselves on being facilitation experts after 10+ years working specifically in the Austin market. Our fun and informative tours explore the best of Austin’s secrets.

Our Austin tour guides are also local actors, artists, and comedians who love Austin and offer their unique perspectives and brand of humor. Besides Austin tours, we’re also great for birthdays, wedding parties, and team-building events!

If you have an idea for a tour or event not listed on our site, give us a call or write to us an email about your idea! We have worked with groups as small as 2, and as big as 400. Our GPS Austin tours include Augmented Reality; they are perfect for locals looking to discover something new, or visitors wanting to get the most out of their trip.

We offer customizable:

  1. Austin City tours
  2. Food tours
  3. History tours
  4. Art tours
  5. Corporate events


Enjoy a corporate team-building package that will keep your whole group engaged. Large groups are divided into smaller teams of 5-8; each team member will get a chance to lead their team on this city adventure. The object is to navigate to GPS markers that appear as crystals and with use of an Ipad. The game has real scavenger hunt components with augmented reality in the game. Teams need to solve clues, riddles and puzzles without Goblin assistance to get the highest score. Ipads and Action Packs are provided.

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