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Coworking at Createscape

Createscape Coworking
Where: East Austin
What: Createscape is another great option for creatives, especially photographers and videographers, because memberships come with discounts on studio and equipment rentals.

This small, quiet space offers full-time general coworking and dedicated desk packages. Createscape regularly hosts socials so you can get to know your coworkers too.
Cost: $160-$320 per month; $25 per day

Do you need coworking team-building ideas?

GPS + Augmented Reality Software Games = Team Building
Cluetivity software empowers teams to bond on a break from the grind of the workday by following GPS routes to solve challenging game elements that require teamwork to solve in 90-120 minutes.

Coworking is being introduced into organizations to transform the corporate world. This new way of working fosters knowledge sharing and collaboration, accelerates the entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as increases creativity, motivation and productivity of work teams.

Digital scavenger hunts are affordable self-guided experiences available to your team no matter how large. Austin Cluetivity customizes in-house and off-site branded games for companies and team members of Createscape Coworking. Contact 512-720-1147 for a customized proposal for a value add

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