How to Operate a Successful Segway Business

Want to become a successful business owner?

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not limited to just people with a business degree or years of experience. In fact, a successful entrepreneur only requires these three things: passion, motivation, and courage. If you have these qualities and would like to start your own Segway business, we can help you! Our easy yet in-depth Segway Business Support Program can help you start your own successful Segway business, no matter your background or experience level.

This program is for you if you:

  • Feel passionate about being your own boss but do not know where to begin
  • Are interested in starting a Segway business but do not know much about Segways
  • Already operate a Segway touring business but seek ideas for growth
  • Want to learn a safe and secure method to setup a successful business
  • Want to learn how to become an experienced tour guide

If any of the above applied to you, let us help you achieve your goals! Read on to learn more about how you can easily become a successful Segway business owner in no time!

The Segway Business Support Program Creator

Our Segway business training program was created by Shay Reynolds, an accomplished owner operator of a successful Segway tour business established in Austin Texas since 2004. Reynolds himself started his Segway business from scratch, and years of experience has taught him a thing or two about the practicalities of operating a successful Segway touring business. Now, he wants to share his experience with those who have the same aspirations.

Our Segway Business Support Program is based off of:

  • The FAQ Resource Guide: a written in-depth guide created to help you make well informed decisions about your segway business
  • Lifetime Phone Support: you can call our office to get expert consultation on any problems you encounter in your business.
  • On-site Training: our facility will offer you a full day of face-to-face, hands-on training of how exactly to operate a segway business, maintain a segway, and give segway tours.

The FAQ Resource Guide: This resource guide is written in an easy to understand “Question and Answer” format and contains 50+ basic questions and answers about how to start a segway business, all based off the insights and experiences encountered while Gliding Revolution was just starting business. An example of some questions are:

    What are the essentials to starting a Segway business?
  • What is the sale price of a Segway?
  • What is the best way to advertise?
  • What are the busy days of the week?
  • What do I do if a group wants to book for more Segways than I own?
    What is good Segway maintenance and operation?
  • How much does it cost to operate a Segway?
  • What are the weight requirements for a Segway?
  • What Segway maintenance will I be able to do myself?
  • Are Segways safe to ride in the rain?
    How do I give high quality Segway tours?
  • How do I overcome people getting to scared to take the tour?
  • What does the typical tour guest expect out of the experience?
  • What type of team building can be conducted on Segways?
  • How would I handle adverse weather conditions?
    What are the laws and regulations of operating a segway business?
  • Are Segways permitted inside buildings/stores?
  • Can someone operate a Segway safely after drinking alcohol?
  • Do I need a liability waiver?
  • What are the insurance costs for a Segway business?

In addition to the resource guide, the lifetime phone support, and the on-site training, our Segway Business support program also includes access to:

  • Basic forms: these forms include liability waivers, pamphlets and flyers, safety rules and procedures, tour guide training, job descriptions, etc.
  • Other resources: resources to inexpensive accessories and a link to your business from an accredited Segway tour website
  • 90 day Segway buyback guarantee

Signing Up for the Program

We are excited to help you launch your own segway business or to help you grow in your already established business. We find that the best way to start this relationship is with an initial 5-10 minute phone consultation.

Call us today at 512-495-9250 if you are ready to become a successful entrepreneur!

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